5 Easily Avoidable, But Still Common Mistakes People Make When Ingesting ABV

Eating abv can be a fun experience and I truly believe you don’t need to deal with stomachaches or reefer dumps in order to enjoy a powerful high.

There’s a lot of variation when it comes to ingesting abv.

The amount of THC you’ll get depends on the original strain you used and how thoroughly you vaped it.

Then, potency still relies on your method of consumption and the state of your stomach.

Next time you’re preparing an abv meal, learn from the following 5 mistakes to help you make a potent meal!

Mistake #1 Trying To Be A Hero

No matter how high we may want to get, the human body isn’t designed to digest large amounts of plant matter.

If you experience stomaches after eating a meal laced with abv – this is why. Raw plant matter is hard on your stomach and your intestines.

I really can’t think of a scenario where eating 10 grams of abv is worth my time. I got shit to do.  I live with people – I can’t have the bathroom smelling like reefer.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for high doses –  In fact, I’m going to write an article that talks about my obsession with Pheonix Tears.

But if you take abv properly, I honestly don’t believe you need to take 10-gram doses. Of course, this depends on how strong your bud is and how dark it is.

The main point here is that there are other factors in ingesting abv that are far more important than pure volume.

Mistake #2 Not Using Enough Fat

One thing that irks me is when I see people say their abv dose didn’t work. Then they turn around and say they ate the abv in a sandwich with regular peanut butter – this is just a waste.

Unless your abv is completely black, you should get some effect. At a minimum, a body high.

As I mentioned above, digesting abv is tough on your system.

When your body finally breaks down the THC, it needs something to attach itself to inside your body. This is where fat comes in. The more fat in your system, the more THC you’ll be able to pick up.

If you want a strong abv sandwich, try the following:

  • Bread of your choice
  • NATURAL NUT BUTTER (Peanut, Almond – whatever as long as it’s natural, has oil on top and tastes dry as hell)
  • Two spoonfuls of an oil of your choice (canola oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil for stir fries)
  • Honey/Jam/Syrup – anything you can think of to mask the taste
  • A large beverage

    Listen I know. Straight up scooping oil on to a sandwich – just putting additional fat into your diet -is savage. You probably shouldn’t do it often, but it works.

The amount of oil you’ll use will depend on how much abv you’re using.

More abv = more oil

Don’t be shy with the oil. It’s going to skyrocket the potency of any abv meal you eat.

Mistake #3 Eating On An Empty Stomach

This mistake ties in with the above points.

Digesting something harsh like plant matter on an empty stomach is bad news. I would be in bed all day in horrible pain.

And if I didn’t use enough fat – I wouldn’t even be high. Bad news.

Fill up. Edibles don’t work like opiates where they’re more potent on an empty stomach. Fat is the key to making edibles work.

Mistake #4 Not Using Probiotics

On a personal level – probiotics just work for me when I eat abv.

I find I get fewer stomach cramps and very little (if any) gas. I take 4-5 probiotics before I ingest the abv.

Scientifically I can’t find shit to back up what I’m saying.

Maybe filling your stomach up with healthy bacteria makes it easier to digest plant material? I know it works for greasy fast food. Give it a try, it works for me.

Mistake #5 Not Using Your ABV Another Way

If you have a ton of abv, you’re better off making a tincture or edibles. Both are easy to make.

I understand eating abv is stealthy, quick and easy so hey – do what you gotta do.

Just remember these tips. I always start my abv journeys with a high-fat meal like McDonalds.

Then I prepare the pb&j, milkshake or whatever – and I add in a few teaspoons of oil.

Ideally, I would then grind the abv to a powder in some type of processor – but this is not a luxury afforded to all of us nor do I think it’s a necessity. I do think powder abv is a lot easier to digest though.

All that’s left is to down your abv meal as quickly as possible and play the waiting game.

Hopefully, with these tips, a couple of grams will get you to where you need to be. 

Thanks for reading!

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